About Us

About Us

PADI has been furnishing decks, gardens and patios with award-winning quality outdoor furniture for over 20 years.

Established in 1988, PADI handwoven rattan and wicker furniture has since made its way to upscale homes and establishments in the United States and Europe, and has garnered much recognition for its work—in addition to numerous awards and citations from different organizations, the company was first to receive the Kabuhayan Award, given in 1996 by then-Philippine President Fidel Ramos at Malacañang Palace. Then in 1997, PADI was honored with the Golden Shell Award for Excellence in Export, the highest honor that can be given to an exporter by the Philippine Government.

From its initial product line of rattan and wicker, in 1997 PADI went into woodworking and upholstered furniture, and expanded its market domestically, successfully establishing itself in local retail outlets in the Philippines. In 2009, the company launched a total outdoor furniture line under the brand PADI OUTDOOR, using its patented frame construction technology and recyclable synthetic polyethylene wicker, all crafted by skilled experienced handweavers.

Today, PADI OUTDOOR is an innovator— leading the way with the latest concepts in outdoor furniture making, and using new, sustainable production methods to move the industry forward. Using modern alternatives to natural and forest based materials, PADI OUTDOOR pushes the boundaries of current technology and explores fresh perspectives in modern aesthetics to deliver outdoor furniture solutions that are not only environmentally responsible but are on the cutting edge of modern design—chic, sophisticated, sculptural style.

Earth-friendly, high-quality, innovative design for stylish outdoor living.